They should have called her VJ Barbie

Nice hat.

Even though the new Barbie comes with a video camera, I still can’t help but feeling Mattel dated her a little by calling her “News Anchor Barbie“. Calling her Multimedia Journalist Barbie or Video Journalist Barbie might’ve better accomplished the toy company’s goal of “empower[ing] girls to play out different roles and ‘try on’ fabulous careers, including news anchor, the first Barbie® profession chosen by global vote.” Let’s face it, by the time girls currently playing with Barbies reach career-age, news anchors won’t be looking much like this Barbie.

In fact, other than an outfit update, this News Anchor Barbie doesn’t seem to have changed much from the one I thought I remembered from the 80s– a time when the news anchor was slightly more celebrated than today. (Actually, it looks like I was thinking of Day to Night Barbie).

And all mine and my sister’s “Barbie 6 o’clock News” Playset did was set me up for dissapoinment when I walked on my first news set– you mean it’s not pink, and there’s no “Magic Change Screen”?! **Sad face**


About Elisha

I'm a video journalist, multimedia producer, and radio news broadcaster based in the San Francisco Bay Area.
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One Response to They should have called her VJ Barbie

  1. Patty says:

    Day-to-night Barbie was one of my first ones! I still remember her perfectly. I think I still have the hat. Oh… What great Memories! It is wonderful to remember. Thanks.

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