How NOT to contact a job applicant

I have to admit, the job hunt’s got me down. Really, an emoticon has never felt so apropos… 😦

It doesn’t help me feel any better that officials are declaring the recession over. You mean to tell me the economy is allegedly improving and I still don’t have a job?

And then there’s the fact that media, broadcasting, and journalism are among the most competitive industries, but journalism is among the industries losing jobs at the fastest rate.

Maybe I should consider being a parking lot attentdant.

Maybe I should consider being a parking lot attendant.

But I don’t really need any studies, data, or articles to tell me what I already know: my experience, skills, and talent don’t really matter much when there’s always someone more experienced, more skilled, and more talented applying for the same position as me– even for entry-level jobs.

The last couple of weeks have been particularly rough. First, I emailed a radio station I’ve been interested in working at for quite some time. Much like other TV stations and radio stations I’ve been emailing, I didn’t get any response at all. But I was really convinced this radio station was for me, so a few weeks later, I emailed a second time to reiterate my interest, this time pointing out their post I’d found on broadcasting job board. Again, no response… unless you count them removing said posting from said job board. It was like a silent but powerful “we don’t want to hire you and we think you suck.”

And then there are the times I do get a response, but it’s not the one I want. I got my very first rejection letter earlier this week. Worse still, this was for a position slightly outside the broadcasting industry that I thought I was a shoe-in for. Not so, according to the form email I received stating “While your qualifications are good, we have selected those individuals whose background and work experience appear to best meet [our] needs”. Doesn’t exactly make me feel any better knowing that the same letter went out to possibly hundreds of other applicants in the pool of “the large number of highly talented applicants we received.”

But all of that pales in comparison to an incident I went through last week. It was not only one of the strangest things that’s happened to me during this job hunt, but just plain one of the most bizarre things that’s happened to me ever– and what inspired me to write this post.

It all started when I checked my cell phone and saw I had a missed call from an area code where I’d sent an email to the day before. Excited I was finally getting a hit on my resume, I checked my voicemail… only to hear a long, drawn out conversation about… ME. The potential employer had for some reason dialed my number on speaker phone, not realized my voicemail started recording, and proceeded to talk about me. I was treated to such gems as “You can’t judge a book by its cover,” and “She’s got a link to YouTube?” “Yeah,” “Well that’s not gonna tell us anything.” News to me considering this was a news production gig, and my YouTube page features videos I’ve produced, shot, written, reported, and edited.

Family members suggested I call the offenders back, but I decided I didn’t really want to work for such unprofessional people anyway.

Of course I know I’m not the only person experiencing difficulty in finding a job right now, but I am probably one of the few who’s been treated to a humbling front-row seat to all of my shortcomings… a distinction I’m not too sure I want considering my self esteem’s already taking regular hits from my floundering job hunt.


About Elisha

I'm a video journalist, multimedia producer, and radio news broadcaster based in the San Francisco Bay Area.
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