Why I have a webpage: reason #1

notebook-computerThere’s a lot of different terms for what I call a video journalist. Backpack journalist. One man band. Multi-media journalist. Solo journalist. It’s seem like there’s new one’s cropping up every day, and in fact, I have been hearing a new one recently: digital journalist.

Makes sense. “Digital journalist” conjurs up an image of a journo who is constantly cranking out stories across all platforms; the deadline isn’t tonight at 10, it’s right now on the web.

So I ask you this: what kind of digital journalist isn’t web savvy? Isn’t it fitting that today’s digital journalist knows how to create content for the web in their sleep?

Reason number one I have a personal website is for practice. Practice creating web content, trying out website layouts, and making different graphics.

With my own page, I have 24-hour access to be able to try out new things on a website. Maybe I should coin a new term: Around the Clock Website journalist.


About Elisha

I'm a video journalist, multimedia producer, and radio news broadcaster based in the San Francisco Bay Area.
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